Steelworks New Zealand Ltd have extensive resources, a commitment to quality principles and a dedication to customer satisfaction to provide innovative answers for clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Modified Containers

In partnership with SEA Containers NZ, Steelworks NZ Ltd are a dedicated team who specialise in modifying and customising containers. Combined we have extensive engineering and fabrication experience that enables us to offer an almost endless range of shipping container modifications.

We can customise containers with simple additions such as:


Steel Fabricator Certification

  • Roller Doors for easy and regular access
  • Personal Access Doors
  • Windows and Shutters
  • Steel workbenches and shelving built to your spec
  • Whirly birds / container ventilation systems
  • Power capability including lighting and power points
  • Lock boxes for added security
  • Ramps for forklifts / trolleys

We also do more complex container modification projects to suit your requirements

Blue Too – custom made portable 40 foot workshop for Super Yacht.  Commissioned to Sea Containers NZ Ltd

Blue Too workshop

Blue Too workshop


Self-contained, self sufficient power supply



Inside workshop

Inside workshop

Contact us on 07 9282844 or email if you are interested and would like to discuss projects further.

Gantry Cranes

Steelworks New Zealand Ltd can design, manufacture and install a full range of standard and specialised customer specific lifting solutions.  Gantry cranes we have designed and built can be up to 25tonne, or small enough to fit into a custom made container.

 img_1232  gantry crane design & build


Design & Build – International and Nationwide

Steelworks NZ Ltd are able to design engineer projects unique to your requirements.  For example – NZ Made Silos in London Café, which were made and engineered at our Steelworks NZ Ltd workshop.

 Front on  Looking on from upstairs


Two Person Man Cages:mancage picasa copy

Engineered Certified Man Cages Lifting Equipment – specifically designed for use with cranes and other lifting equipment.


 Other Projects:

  • Cattle Yards – galvanised steel yards designed for your requirements.
  • Steel Trench Shields – designed and built to your needs.
Contact us on 07 9282844 or email if you are interested and would like to discuss further.