Estimating Process

Generally, the first process in any project is estimating the cost for the client.  Cost is a fundamental consideration and takes into consideration the selection of structural frame material and form, which is a key early decision in the design process.

Our estimators are experienced in project specific costings, and the challenge is to recognise and reconcile all costs involved from labour (detailing, fabrication, site), transport, plant and materials, surface protection requirements, and fluctuations in material prices in relation to returned tender price data all in the context of limited available design information during early estimates.

Once the quote or estimate has been accepted, we can then begin the early procurement and detailing process of the project.

We are always available to offer advice for your project in steel based on our knowledge gained from previous projects.  We can assess your design and highlight factors that will influence the final cost, offering alternatives where appropriate to ensure the most cost competitive design in the early stages to help achieve this objective.

Estimating flow pic

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