Fabrication is the process used to manufacture steelwork components that will, when assembled and joined, form a complete structure. Using steel sections sourced from local steel merchants and working from the detail drawing components, steel is cut, drilled and welded into transportable components. Each component has a unique number and is marked for easy identification.


All our welders are qualified to AS/NZS standards.  We also have a fully HERA qualified Welding Supervisor carrying out all welding supervision activities as set out in AS 2214:2004 which includes 100% in house visual scanning of all welding. We operate using an extensive range of pre-qualified and 3rd party approved welding procedures.

Our purpose build workshops are fitted with overhead cranes to allow them to mobilise items through the shop more efficiently. We have specialised equipment and installed new technology such as the robotic plasma cutting and coping machine to streamline the fabrication process.

The material or shaft components are then selected for fabricating into their assemblies, from simple beams to more technical and intricate designs such as stairs and pipe assemblies to other unusual geometry challenging assembly features.

Depending on the design specifications, third party NDT testing may be required.


Steelworks NZ Ltd recently invested in a Nelson Stud Welding machine, which is the world’s leading producer of stud welding fasteners and equipment.  Fastening with the Nelson System is quick, reliable and economical, and is a proven and tested method that successfully meets stringent fastening, material and welding codes.  Click here for more info.


Once the assemblies are complete and signed off by our quality Welding Supervisor it is then transported out of the workshop for surface protection.

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